Electricity is getting more expensive, while ELEM is announcing a public procurement for water worth 3 million denars


The situation in the budget of Macedonia is catastrophic and that is why the government of SDSM and Zaev is hitting the pockets of the citizens. Due to that, the price of electricity increases by as much as 7.5%, in order to cover the incompetent and irresponsible operation in the past three years. But to make matters worse, Zaev’s government in the midst of increasing the price of electricity does not stop with the unbridled spending of public money.It does that exactly through ELEM, one of the factors due to which the price of electricity is increasing, this was emphasized today through a press conference by StevceAntovski from VMRO-DPMNE.

“Namely, on July 29, two days before the increase in electricity prices, ELEM signed a contract after the tender for public procurement of carbonated and non-carbonated mineral water announced by the company in the amount of almost 3 million denars or about 50 thousand euros for REK BITOLA. The company that in order to protect its profit demanded an increase in the price of electricity at the same time procures water in the amount of 50 thousand euros only for REK BITOLA. In other words, the people will pay 7.5% more for expensive electricity, and ELEM will procure carbonated and non-carbonated water of almost 3 million denars or 50 thousand euros.This is just one of the indicators of the non-domestic work of the government of SDSM and ZAEV. In the past, they employed party soldiers, hired relatives of officials, distributed bonuses, made dubious million-dollar tenders, all the time with the money of the citizens, in the energy companies where salaries are far above average, all the time with the money of the citizens, and now shamelessly ask the people to pay them irresponsible work,” says Antovski.

He adds that with this increase, Macedonia has become one of the countries in Europe where citizens pay the highest price compared to the average salary. This decision directly hits the standard of the citizens in the midst of a coronavirus epidemic. Macedonia is the only country in the region and beyond that in such a health crisis raises energy, when everyone else either keeps prices down or lowers them.

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