Anti-corruption commission to push for law on origin of assets


It’s not uncommon for assets to be reported on someone else’s name other than those who acquired them. We’ll call on the new MPs to adopt a law on the origin of assets, says Head of the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption Biljana Ivanovska.

“From the experience of the anti-corruption commission so far, we’ve realized that it’s not uncommon for individuals to report the assets they acquired to someone else’s name. It’s the biggest problem we are facing. Assets are divided between close family members, there are instances of close friends being involved. The Commission has agreed unanimously to call on the new MPs to find the strength, to find the political will so as to adopt a Law on the Origin of the Assets of all citizens,” Ivanovska told Slobiden Pechat daily in an interview, adding it would be a major step forward.

The MPs, she said, should fill in asset declaration forms to report any assets and property they own as well as filling in conflict of interest declarations.

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