Agency that secured EVN took another 21m euros from tenders in state institutions




VMRO-DPMNE, after announcing yesterday that it suspects that a private security agency from Strumica is pumping money through the universal electricity supplier for the Zaev family, today unveiled the scheme of how the agency received work from state institutions and companies.

Party spokesperson Dimce Arsovski said that through this agency money was pumped into the account of the Zaev family, so that they could get rich themselves and have cash, illegal money so that they could bribe.

“To summarize, from EVN and state institutions and companies, the security agency received tenders worth over 21 million euros. Zaev’s business relations with the private security agency are already clear, which is their cover and the way and amounts for pumping money of the citizens in the Zaevi family and SDSM are clear,” said Arsovski.

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