Eurostandard Bank depositors to be compensated within 20 days


The Deposit Insurance Fund sent a notification to the natural persons – depositors of Eurostandard Bank AD Skopje that the compensation on the basis of total deposits they have in the bank will start within 20 days and will be performed in accordance with the legal regulations.

“The Fund reimburses the insured deposits, but not more than MKD equivalent of EUR 30,000 per bank deposit calculated at the middle exchange rate of the National Bank on August 12, 2020. Subject to indemnity are the principal of the deposit, the agreed accrued and accrued interest and the non-repayable interest until August 12, 2020. In case the depositor has liabilities to the bank, the total amount of the depositor’s deposits subject to indemnity is reduced by the amount of the depositor’s total liabilities to the bank,” informed the Fund.


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