Finance Minister knew about the poor state of the failed Eurostandard Bank and had the advantage of making decisions about her deposit


The State Commission for Prevention of Corruption (SCPC) does not establish criminal liability, but from an ethical point of view raises the issue at a high level and will recommend further regulation, especially the memorandum of cooperation between the National Bank and the Ministry of Finance and other regulatory bodies, which will add regulations that will regulate the conflict of interests, will provide how to prevent it, especially when it is said that certain incumbents have the opportunity to dispose of information and use it for themselves or to provide benefit to someone else, said SCPC President Biljana Ivanovska, after the session at which the case for possible conflict of interest with the bankruptcy of Eurostandard Bank and the deposit of Finance Minister Nina Angelovska was investigated.

“Upon taking office, the Minister of Finance ex officio had information and data on the movements in the banking and financial markets and had the opportunity to find out the data related to the bank, where she is a client, and were not available to other depositors in that Bank. This information and data could have had an impact on her decision regarding the deposit in that bank, which gave her an advantage over the other depositors in the bank,” Ivanovska said.

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