SDSM: We have a plan that will ensure stable economic growth


The new government led by SDSM and ZoranZaev has a plan for an innovative, stable, competitive economy, which will provide stable economic growth, increase the minimum and average wage, the party announced this morning.

The government will continue with its proven efforts: increase of the minimum wage until the end of the mandate in the amount of 20 to 40% and increase of the average wage until the end of the mandate from 20 to 30%, the statement reads.

The party adds that 20,000 denars minimum wage and 34,000 denars average salary by the end of the four-year term are the goals of the new government led by SDSM and ZoranZaev.

We will keep the unemployment rate stable during the crisis, and after the end of the crisis we will continue to reduce it by 3% per year. The final goal is a single-digit unemployment rate by the end of the mandate, says SDSM.

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