SDSM to elect its leader in April


DSM members will vote for their party leader in direct elections In April, 2021. The mandate of the current leader Zoran Zaev expires in May 2021.

SDSM leader and Prime Minister of the Republic of North Macedonia Zoran Zaev informed on Tuesday about this news about this election of the party’s leader, for which the statute of the party should be changed first, at the celebration of one year of work of the National Security Agency ANB.

“All members of SDSM will vote in direct elections to elect the party leader in April of next year,” said Zaev.

For the SDSM Congress, which, according to Zaev will be held in late September or early October, in addition to the change of election of president, announced a change in the statute of the party with which the general secretary of the party will be able to participate in the executive branch.

The mandate of Secretary General Ljupco Nikolovski also expires in May 2021.

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