Budget revenues in August down by 13.9% compared to last year


Zaev’s criminal-tender government by organizing spectacles by demolishing an illegal building wants to cover up the economic collapse that is happening in Macedonia. The illegal construction near Mavrovka should not have been built at all, if the institutions under Zaev’s control were up to date, and not now sensationally demolished with the citizens’ money. It is clear that they needed this show to cover up that the revenues in the budget in August are down by 13.9% compared to last year due to the disastrous economic policies,” reads VMRO-DPMNE’s reaction.

VAT collection is down by 14.3%, excises are by 25%, profit tax is by 28.9% and personal income tax is down by 10.4%. All this shows that the economy is collapsing, economic activity is declining, the standard of living of citizens is skyrocketing and they are spending less. An additional 40 thousand people lost their jobs in just 5 months, and 30 thousand people have not received regular salaries since April, according to the party.

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