Independent Catering Chambersubmits unified recommendations for the work of the catering industry


The Independent Catering Chamber (ICC) has submitted the unified recommendations for the work of the catering industry to the Government, the ministries and the Commission for Infectious Diseases.

According to the chamber, whose motto is “Personal health above all”, the recommendations for working in conditions of COVID-19, are in accordance with global standards and can be applied not only in the country, but also within the entire Balkan region.

The Chamber expects a public discussion and debate on the proposed recommendations which will initiate unique unified protocols for catering, not only in our country, but also in the region.

“Unifying the protocols that will apply equally to all caterers in the entire region with mechanisms of control by all of us, will allow us in the coming period to afford all the pleasures that life gives us in the future, only if we are ready to give up a little and “to adapt to the new everyday life,” said the Chamber.

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