Neloski: Goce Delchev is our identity, Goce Delchev is Macedonia, these are European values


Member of the VMRO-DPMNE EC Vladimir Neloski in Tuesday’s interview with the Macedonian Television spoke about the protest march organized by VMRO-DPMNE under the motto “Protest for the EU, for Macedonia, for Goce Delchev” where he said that from this protest they had two messages to send.

“One message is to the government, to those misunderstood traders who are trying as before to trade with the Macedonian national and historical treasures for personal interests, and that message we are sending them to be careful what they do in the coming period. But, additionally and even more importantly, the second message we are sending is the massive support of our historians who are in the committee, who should defend our Macedonian historical interests. That is why thousands of citizens are here in Skopje to send those messages, to send a message that if the United States has Theodore Roosevelt, the UK has Winston Churchill, Macedonia has Goce Delchev,” Neloski pointed out.

“That is why we call on the government not to put pressure on our committee which will have to decide in the coming period on issues that are enormous importance for Macedonian citizens because let’s not forget Goce Delchev is our identity, Goce Delchev is Macedonia. What would be in the future we will discuss in the future, what is much scarier is the pressure that in the past, and we expect even greater in the coming period to be felt by the Committee on Historical Issues,” added Neloski.

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