Council of Ambassadors rejects Bulgaria’s memorandum


Тhe Council of Ambassadors of the Republic of North Macedonia considers the text of Bulgaria’s explanatory memorandum addressed to the EU members to be completely unacceptable and harmful for good neighborly relations.

“It contains an ideological position of the Republic of Bulgaria from the time of communism in the time of Todor Zhivkov and from that position the present Republic of North Macedonia is accused of “not breaking with the ideological legacy of communist Yugoslavia”.

The governments of the Republic of Bulgaria and the Republic of North Macedonia with the signing of the Good Neighborliness Treaty made a great step in improving relations between the two countries and laid the foundations for successful mutual cooperation based on respect for European values ​​and goals. European values ​​and goals do not mean denying the uniqueness of any language or nationality in the EU, nor the insistence of such denial by any neighbor, can be an obstacle to Macedonia’s progress in the process of EU membership, reads today’s statement.

The Council of Ambassadors is convinced that the EU member states will carefully consider Bulgaria’s explanatory memorandum and that they will not allow such ideological positions to affect the EU negotiating framework for North Macedonia’s EU membership and the process of its full EU accession.

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