Stole Popov sends a message: The Macedonian language must not be discussed


Director and screenwriter Stole Popov is the laureate of the “Big Star of Macedonian Film” award at the 41st International cinematographers’ Film Festival “Manaki Brothers“. Stole Popov said in his reception speech that the Macedonian language must not be discussed, let alone negotiated.

“There is nothing more sacred than the language, culture and spirituality of man in the environment in which he lives. One message to the politicians -let them not forget the fundamental values of world civilization, which are increasingly neglected and lost. They should keep in mind that there is no beauty by force,” said the director.

He added that he was glad that the award from the Association of Film Artists of Macedonia, as he says, kept the generic name and once again said that the Macedonian language should not be discussed at all.

“I think it is time for all combinations around some deletions, negations, which lead to the disappearance of adjectives that have never been the subject of discussion, let alone acceptance, to disappear,” added Popov.

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