Panovski: The restrictions have eased too fast, there has been no control over the coronavirus for 2-3 months


University professor Nikola Panovski in “on Telma TV’s “Top Tema” said that such an increase or so-called second wave was expected in November, and not now, but as he said the mistake happened in the sudden easing of restrictions and now there is no control.

“At that time, the restrictions were too strict and some were illogical like banning walking in the park or going to Vodno, while there were thousands on the beaches. Instead of easing the restrictions gradually and keeping them to some extent, they were eased too fast. The curve is seen to have exponential growth. Suddenly we lost control and now there has been no control for the past 2-3 months. Everything now is up to the citizens and their consciousness,” says Panovski.

He added that people need to be educated, people who have authority should say every day how to protect ourselves from respiratory diseases in general, because it will be a burden for society, whether it is the flu, cold or COVID-19 they should be tested, hospitalized, and all of this costs time and money.

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