More than 80 shops closed in GTC, government measures show no effect


Small businesses have been hit by the economic crisis. The government’s three sets of measures to save the economy have not yielded the desired results. Over 80 shops in the GTC shopping center in Skopje have closed down.

The shop is for rent or the shop is for sale, is the most common sign hanging on the shops in the shopping center, which is located in the heart of the Macedonian capital. Some of those who closed due to the corona crisis and low earnings, unable to service their electricity, water, air conditioning and insurance bills, began renting out their shops without asking for rent.

Minister of Economy KreshnikBekteshi said that the new set of anti-crisis measures, which should be the fourth in a row, would be more targeted and would cover the most affected businesses. Do they confirm with this that the previous three sets were not planned properly and that the state money did not end up with the companies that needed them the most!?

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