Macedonia has the highest death toll rate in the region


Macedonia is at the top in terms of the number of deaths compared to neighboring countries. Health Minister VenkoFilipche stated that the analyzes for the mortality of the patients are in progress, which should be ready in a week.

The total number of coronavirus cases in the country since the outbreak of the epidemic is 17049, the number of recovered patients is 14186, and the death toll stands at 710.

The Institute of Public Health said that last week 48 COVID-19 deaths were registered from 17 cities in the country, which is an increase of 77.7 percent compared to the week before when 27 people died. Compared to the first week of September when 20 people died, according to the institute, the increase is 140 percent.
Compared to neighboring countries, before Macedonia are countries such as Bulgaria with 767, followed by BiH with 763, and Serbia with 743 cases. But all three countries have far more inhabitants, which means that Macedonia is in first place in the neighborhood after the negative balance.

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