Nikoloski: Zaev will not silence me, I will continue pointing out the dishonest work


The most powerful person in the country – Prime Minister of the Republic of Macedonia ZoranZaev is suing me for defamation, VMRO-DPMNE Vice President AleksandarNikoloski told reporters on Thursday, pointing out that in the democratic world there is no lawsuit against politicians, especially the Prime Minister to sue the vice president of the largest opposition partyfor defamation.

Nikoloski explained that it is about his statement given more than a year ago, at the end of August last year 2019 regarding the “Racket” case, for which there already have been verdicts.

“In a statement to the public at the time, I shared that we have information that businessmen were racked up, and the public then claimed that it was just one businessman, that many more funds were racked up than those funds that were then mentioned in public. that it is a sum of over 20 million euros and that that operation cannot be completed by two or three people, that it is a well-organized operation and that at the top of that pyramid are ZoranZaev and SDSM. The period after that statement confirmed these allegations of mine in public.To make the absurd bigger, I made the same statement on August 10, 2019, which means about 18 days before I give the statement for which I am sued,” said Nikoloski.

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