Pendarovski: Goce Delchev is someone who had crossed regional borders in the Balkans


Goce Delchev was a Macedonian revolutionary, but he is someone who had crossed, I would say, even regional borders in the Balkans, said President Stevo Pendarovski on Wednesday.

What divides us, Pendarovski said, should in fact unite us.

“I think he was Macedonian revolutionary, who was credited with playing a key role for the Macedonian state that had become a reality after 1944. But, they claiming he was Bulgarian fighting for the Bulgarian cause – to me it is undisputable. Everyone has the right to defend it,” he said when asked to comment on the Bulgarian memorandum, which disputes the Macedonian identity of GoceDelchev.

GoceDelchev should be feted by whoever wants to. We, Macedonians who honor him immensely, should be very pleased, we should be very glad, said President Pendarovski.

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