The measures did not work, 40,000 people lost their jobs


Retirees have been hit by the government several times and what the government is doing now is compensating for something that is taking away from them. He divided the pensioners because there are pensioners who have over 15,000 denars, and the legal solutions that they brought in the past de facto affect everyone, says Gordana Dimitrieska Kochoska, member of the VMRO-DPMNE Executive Committee.

She warned that the crisis will gain momentum and the trend of layoffs will continue in the coming period, because as she says, according to the Employment Agency, 40,000 people have lost their jobs so far, and according to information it has about 41,000 people by September 15 did not receive a salary for the month of July.
“The measures did not work. Currently there are 40,000 people who have lost their jobs. According to some analyzes, about 41,000 people did not receive their salary for the month of July to September 15,” added Dimitrieska Kochoska.

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