Prosecution to open an investigation, and Dimova to resign immediately


With Tuesday’s press conference held byLidija Dimova, the only one confused by the public is Lidija Dimova herself. She looked confused as if hiding something. Instead of explanations and answers, Lidija Dimova used the press conference to attack lawyers, journalists and political dissidents, said today VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Dimche Arsovski.

“Of course, when one does not want to see guilt in herself and in her work, she attacks everyone else. I assure Lidija Dimova that we are not disappointed at all that she will not resign, which is expected for us as a political party, it is normal for Zaev to know about such huge suspicions of embezzlement, who by the way protects Lidija Dimova and protects her director place”, replied Arsovski to Dimova’s statement addressed to VMRO-DPMNE “not to expect (her) resignation”.

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