Macedonian Army sends troops in the KFOR mission to Kosovo


The Macedonian Army is sending troops of 44 soldiers to join the NATO-led mission in Kosovo (KFOR), informed Defense Minister Radmila Shekerinska.

“Our NATO army is in front of us, 44 dedicated and brave members of the Army of North Macedonia who will demonstrate all they know and their skills shoulder to shoulder with their colleagues from ally countries in the KFOR mission,” Defense Minister Shekerinska said.
According to her, the country demonstrated that it shared the same values with the Alliance as far back as 2007. Shekerinska said that was the year when the country started logistics support to the NATO-led mission.

The send-off ceremony of the Macedonian Army was attended by President StevoPendarovskiand Prime Minister ZoranZaev.

Pendarovski, Zaev and Sekerinska thanked the soldiers for their participation in peacekeeping missions.

North Macedonia plans to increase the number of troops serving in Kosovo in 2021, namely the next rotation could include over 60 soldiers.

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