Dr. Panovski warns that the most difficult period of the coronavirus epidemic is coming


In an interview with TV Sitel, Dr. Nikola Panovski said that as the weather gets colder, the air will get more polluted, people will stay inside and the virus will spread.

“The colder it gets, the shorter the day, the more polluted the air, the more people will go inside and further spread the disease. Therefore, the measures, apart from wearing a mask, are fine, but there should be mechanisms for how those measures will be respected. So cameras can be placed in the bus, to have a controller in intercity transport, it means strict control. The protocols in the factories need to be respected.
What’s left are the homes that cannot be controlled. If we are in crisis as we are at the moment to unite. “It means that political, religious leaders and everyone should be told to abstain for 5-6 months, or to be told to wear a mask for 14 days according to current regulations wherever they are needed, do not gather to see if something will happen in 28 days,” said Panovski.

The most difficult three months of the pandemic are ahead of us, he added.

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