Firefighters’ negotiations with Skopje Mayor failed, protest to take place


After the announcing a protest, the firefighters met with the Mayor of the City of Skopje Petre Shilegov on Tuesday in an attempt to overcome the problems, but no agreement was reached.

After the meeting with Shilegov, the commander of the unit in the fire brigade and one of the members of the initiative board Dejan Isaevski stated that they were not satisfied with the offer of the city mayor and pointed out that they continue with the agenda of protests.

“We are not satisfied with today’s offer made by the mayor who has been in office for three years and has had time to sort out this law until now. We will continue with our agenda, a protest in front of the City of Skopje building. The protest will be held every day during the mayor’s working hours, only the shift that is working at the moment will stay at work with full capacity. Mediation remains, it is about resolving lawsuits. However, we want to regulate the salary, so that it flows every month. The lawsuits are not a solution for us, they will be resolved. The salary should be regulated,” said Isaevski after the meeting with Shilegov.

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