Mayor Dimitrievski to return the medal awarded to him by Karakachanov


I will return the “100 years since the First World War” medal I received in 2018 by Minister of Defense of the Republic of Bulgaria Krasimir Karachakanov, along with a letter of protest for statements that do not lead to good neighborly relations, wrote Mayor of Municipality of Kumanovo Maksim Dimitrievski on Facebook.

The medal, as he says, was handed to him on the occasion of the joint commemoration on 22.10.2017 of the battle of Stratsin.

“If we are talking about reconciliation and mending relations, joint celebration of events that unite us as nations is unacceptable in the 21st century to have representatives in the Government of an EU member state with statements that are threatening and disparaging of the national identity of its neighbors. We will not allow the nation’s red lines to be crossed, especially when here, on this issue, we have a national consensus and support from all ethnic communities. No one has the right to dispute our identity and instead of focusing on history, we need to focus on the future,” Dimitrievski wrote.

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