VMRO-DPMNE coordinator: Disagreements in the SDSM/BESA/DUI coalition obstruct regular work in the Parliament


It has been three months since the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia started working, and we are still facing its dysfunction in several segments. The party coalition between SDSM, BESA and DUI, due to their incompatibility, still leave the Parliament without composition of key bodies in its functioning, accuses VMRO-DPMNE parliamentary group coordinator Nikola Micevski.

“The Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia still has no elected vice-presidents of the Parliament Speaker who would be a replacement if Talat Xhaferi is not able to attend a parliamentary session. The establishment of the Budget Council of the Parliament, which is crucial for the financial operation of the legislature, also depends on the election of vice presidents. The National Council for European Integration has not been established, which is a counterpart of the Committee on European Affairs and which needs to be established urgently, especially at a time when Macedonia is waiting for the start of negotiations with the EU and a Delegation to the Joint Parliamentary Committee between Macedonia and the EU,” said the head of the opposition parliamentary group.


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