Nearly 6,000 new COVID-19 cases and 88 deaths registered over past week


According to the Public Health Institute’s weekly report for October 26 – November 1, a total of 17,299 COVID-19 tests were carried out in North Macedonia, 23.6% more than in the previous week, the Health Ministry said in a press release Tuesday.

Of these, 5,800 people tested positive for coronavirus, a 70.1% increase compared to the week before. The majority of new cases were registered in Skopje.

33.5% of people who were tested proved to be infected with coronavirus.

Of the new COVID-19 patients, the majority (22.1%) are aged 30-39, followed by those over 60 (20.2%), 40-49 (18.8%), 50-59 (18.2%) and 20-29 (14.9%). The least number of new cases were registered in children under 9 (1.6%) and those aged 10-19 (4.2%).

2,262 COVID-19 patients recovered in the past week, which is 696 more than the week before.

Moreover, 88 patients passed away, 4.8% more compared to the previous week, the majority of whom were aged over 60.

The full report as well as other COVID-19 information are available at the Public Health Institute’s website

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