Opposition calls for Zaev’s resignation and forming of government of national salvation


It is time to form a government of national salvation to help the country, and above all the citizens, said VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski.

“The country is in an abyss, it is obvious that they have neither the knowledge nor the how to deal with these challenges. Each day we have a catastrophe, a devastation of our health system, there is horror in education, literally nothing works. The economy is catastrophic, when I say catastrophic, we will have a decline in the third quarter, we will have a decline in the fourth quarter. You see the projections by the relevant institutions, they are going downhill,” said Mickoski.

“The only thing left to do at this moment is for these incompetent politicians to leave their positions and let people who know to deal with the challenges take over. Because I fear that if a few more months pass we will get into a situation from which we will not be able to go back any time soon. Our country will be empty,” Mickoski stressed.



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