Andov: We must not accept that Macedonia and Bulgaria share the same history


Former Parliament Speaker and one of the most experienced politicians on the Macedonian political scene Stojan Andov discussed the Treaty with Bulgaria, as well as current political developments on last night’s TV show “Zaspij ako mozhesh”.

Andov was decisive in the view that the Macedonian people, the Macedonians, the Republic of Macedonia and the Macedonian history have always existed and were autonomous. According to Andov, Todor Zhivkov in 1954 expressed views regarding the Macedonian people, that in fact the Macedonians are part of Bulgaria and the Bulgarian people, and the history is the same. According to Andov, this position was opposed by the then Yugoslavia, as well as the entire Warsaw Pact, which was on the side of the Macedonian people and stood on the position that the Macedonians have their own country, and it is called the Republic of Macedonia.

According to Andov, what is currently happening with the Republic of Bulgaria, i.e. the veto it has placed on our country is a completely unsustainable move and shameful for the Bulgarian nation. He says that this is the first time in history that the whole of Europe stands in defense of a Bulgaria that humiliates the Macedonian nation in such a shameful and deceitful way.

“The Macedonian people and the politicians must not accept something that indicates that Macedonia and Bulgaria share the same history. That is not true and such a thing should never be accepted. Such notorious lies and fabrications may serve them, but not Macedonia,” Andov concluded.

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