Healthcare gets additional 100 beds in Sistina, treatment costs to be covered by the state


Sistina’s former hospital will be readapted into an infectious diseases unit where 100 COVID-19 patients can be treated. The Ministry of Health will be in charge, it was agreed Sunday evening at a meeting of Health Minister Venko Filipche with the owners of three private hospitals in Skopje.

A team of doctors from the three hospitals, namely Sistina, Zhan Mitrev and Remedika, will be set up to treat the patients.

The 100-bed facility will be put at a disposal by the end of the week, said Minister Filipche after the meeting, noting that state hospitals still had enough beds despite being overwhelmed under the pressure of COVID-19 hospitalizations.

Filipche said that the state would cover the costs of patients who would be treated at the private hospitals. Sistina’s former hospital will be fully equipped, including oxygen that will be installed to last for several days. In the process of equipping, all three private hospitals will participate according to their capacity.

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