Nikolovski responds to Crvenkovski: These are unique years for our statehood and the Macedonian people


The Public Relations Center had a statement, I will neither add nor subtract anything from the statement. This generation has a responsibility to bring the country into the structures we have been fighting for for decades, namely NATO and the EU, said the Secretary General of the ruling SDSM, Ljupco Nikolovski, in response to the question whether the Central Board of the party will be convened at the request and announcement of former party leader and head of state Branko Crvenkovski says he will freeze his party membership.

“This generation and together all governments and all structures have managed for decades with full responsibility to make bold decisions to become a NATO member. We have a serious responsibility to move things forward and do everything in our power to achieve the first intergovernmental conference, to start the long-awaited negotiations with the EU with a protected Macedonian language, with confirmation of Macedonian identity, within all international institutions. So the country is moving in that direction,” Nikolovski said.

He pointed out that these are “unique years for our statehood” and for the Macedonian people.

“I think we use every opportunity with the courageous decisions made by this country to achieve the strategic goals of the country.” “I am proud to be part of that generation of politicians who have done everything to achieve the strategic goals of this country, which are NATO membership and EU membership,” Nikolovski added.

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