Tobacco farmers protest in Prilep: We will not sell our tobacco for less than 200 denars!


With mechanization, strings of tobacco and masses in the center of Prilep, the tobacco farmers today held a warning protest, dissatisfied with the current purchase prices which are very low and devalue their labor.

According to Igor Mircheski from the Initiative Board of the group of Macedonian tobacco farmers, they will not give the tobacco for the price of a box of cigarettes at the current price of 120 denars.

“It cost us 150, and they take it from us for 120 denars per kilogram. It cannot be like this and we must protest it. We decided on our own initiative, no political parties are behind us. We are Macedonians, Albanians, Turks, Muslims, Roma, all nationalities. Nobody united us. The only thing that united us was trouble. That is why we will not dwell on this, we must raise our voices, and they must be heard. There is a buyout for 20 days already. During this period last year, 10,000 tons were purchased. The statement of the Minister of Agriculture that there’s now a coronacrisis and is the beginning, is not relevant. People don’t sell their tobacco, they refuse to. They return it home for 120 denars,” said Mircheski.




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