Analyst: Zaev and Dimitrov wanted all the glory for themselves and now own the failure of the EU negotiations


The veto from Bulgaria is a failure that Zaev and Dimitrov need to own up to. They themselves put all their chips on this issue and refused to set red lines in the talks together with the opposition, said political analyst Vladimir Bozhinovski in an interview with TV24.

“We as citizens are interested in any kind of progress. We see that there is absolutely no progress at the moment. Everything was thrown on the map of Euro-Atlantic integration.Since 2018, Dimitrov and Zaev made 7 or 8 announcement that the date to open EU accession talks has been secured. And here we are the end of 2020, with no date in sight. Is this the failure of the whole of Macedonia? No, it’s a defeat for Zaev and Dimitrov, who chose to carry the entire burden of the negotiations by themselves. They wanted all the glory for themselves and they can’t try to share the blame,” Bozhinovski said.

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