Mickoski: The Treaty with Bulgaria is not valid if the language, the reshaping of history, and the identity are negotiated


VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoskion Alsat M TV pointed out that if anyone debates or negotiates on the Macedonian language, reshaping or editing the history, the Macedonian identity good neighborly treaty does not have a legally binding effect.

“If the position of neighboring Bulgaria is that we have suddenly woken up since 1945 and declared ourselves Macedonians who codified their language, we cannot support that thesis because that thesis has neither historical nor any ethnological anthropology, if their the thesis was that they were here administrators who came to liberate us and ideologically two sections of the Bulgarian people opposed in World War II,we cannot accept that because it is not so, because there is a capitulation agreement with which Bulgaria admits that it was on the side of the fascist occupier and was an occupier for which there is an agreement that it will pay reparations to the territories it occupied, it does not “We can deny it, if that is their thesis we cannot accept it,” Mickoski explained.

He stressed that if anyone should open a debate on anthropology of the Macedonian language, reshaping or editing the history in relation to the occupation of this country, the identity of the Macedonian people, there would be not negotiations, and the treaty would not be upheld.

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