Miloshoski: The family law is clear and nothing should be changed during the census


VMRO-DPMNE MP Antonio Miloshoski addressed Wednesday’s debate of the Committee on European Affairs on the census law, saying that there is no need for additional formulations for matters already defined in the Family Law.

According to Miloshoski, there should be no changes in this part because otherwise anyone will be able to come up with a list and ID numbers and list people who should not be included in the census.

“I would like to mention the fact that here a text and formulation is proposed which is already a legal norm. Who is part of my family is set out in Family Law. According to that family law, I, Mr. Nuhiu Arber, and everyone else here submit questionnaires. I do not submit a questionnaire for my brother who lives in Chicago. And when the census is done, if my brother is more than a year old in Chicago he will not be listed. But if we follow this formulation then someone can take out sheets, ID numbers and say that this one from Chicago is my relative, he lives here in the other room, please he is sick do not enter or he is absent for a short time, he lives in Zurich, the other is in Sweden, the fourth is in Slovenia and in one family to enroll eight instead of two pensioners. Therefore, I think that this amendment proposes a positive norm that is already part of the legislation and does not invent anything else, nor does it require any flexible interpretation or lump sum interpretation of what a family is,” said Miloshoski.

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