Danilovski for DW: The beginning of spring can bring a gradual return to normal


А quick vaccine will get your life back to normal quickly. But the dilemmas are: how quickly can this be expected to happen? If the current trend continues and if the announcements for the procurement process are met, the beginning of spring could bring a certain calming of the epidemic and a gradual return to normal, says epidemiologist Dragan Danilovski.

“No matter what we expect from vaccines, it will certainly be a permanent solution, but immunity is also acquired in a natural way. Some forecasts say that if we go with this dynamic, somewhere in March and April in Macedonia will be infected asymptomatically or with symptoms about 60% of the population. It is enough to calm down the epidemic even without a vaccine, but vaccines will definitely be needed for high-risk employees, health workers, service workers, the army, the police, the elderly over the age of 65, and the chronically ill,” Danilovski told Deutsche Welle.


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