Mickoski: The country is in a deep economic and health crisis, and no one is held responsible


VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski in the interview for Netpress talked about the Macedonian economy, ie how the country can get out of the crisis and pointed out that this government does not have a recipe and strategy on how to move the Macedonian economy forward.

“This government has no recipe and no strategy on how to move the Macedonian economy forward. We talked about the need for robust, intensive realization of capital investments and even early realization of capital investments for the years in advance. But, unfortunately, we do not see that. Yesterday I received the realization of the Budget for 2020 and exclusively for Netpress I will say that the realization of the capital investments is not more than 250 million euros, although it was planned to be the fourth at the beginning of the primary Budget that was formed in 2019. Not only did they fail to realize the capital investments, but they also managed to reduce them to a level of 60 percent. And what does not the realization of capital investments mean. This means less money in circulation and less pay for employees in companies who practically expect this money to be turned into the economy. “If the state does not return the money it envisages for capital investments to the economy, then you cannot expect the economy to get out of everything that is happening to us quickly,” Mickoski said.

He assessed that in the health crisis he stressed that this government is dealing catastrophically with the health crisis, and according to him the biggest problem was that no one is held responsible for the loss of human lives.

“The current government is dealing with this crisis in a catastrophic, circus-like manner. Unfortunately, at the cost of human lives being lost and family tragedies occur. I would say the country is the first according to the black indicators in this health crisis, if some other objective parameters are taken into account. But that is not the biggest problem. The problem is that no one is held responsible. And it is not just mortality in this crisis that worries and scares us. We need to know what has been done in healthcare,” said Mickoski.



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