Miloshoski: It’s high time for the masks to fall off after Vasilica


It is time for the masks to fall off after Vasilica, wrote VMRO-DPMNE MP Antonio Milososki on Facebook.

“In the past few months, the Sofia-Skopje talks have become so non-transparent that the citizens are confused and do not know whether a new annex to the Good Neighborliness Treaty is being prepared, a new action plan or a new humiliation? Those assurances that the signing of the Agreement would resolve all disputes between Macedonia and Bulgaria and open the gates of the EU, which were given to us 4 years ago by Zaev and Dimitrov, today turned into accusations about which neighbor has more guilt and how many new disputes are being negotiated,” Miloshoski said.

“And as long as an institutional debate in the Parliament is avoided for the Macedonian-Bulgarian negotiations, they will increasingly resemble the private bargains of Zaev with Borisov, Bujar with Zaharieva or Dimitrov with Karakachanov. And while each of the aforementioned pursues a separate career agenda, we will hear conflicting views such as:

– Dimitrov’s view that we should take a break from Bulgaria until March

– Bujar’s position, that more intensive negotiations should be held with Bulgaria

“Zaev’s view that, after we were vetoed by the EU, he did not know what the problem with Bulgaria was.”

Finally, the former Minister of Foreign Affairs said:

“Therefore, it is high time for the government ministers Osmani and Dimitrov to take off their masks after Vasilica, to appear in the Parliament and to publish the draft documents (annexes, action plans) that have been exchanged between Sofia and Skopje regarding the Treaty. Then, through a serious discussion, it will be known whether there is a dignified way out of this impasse, whether anyone is preparing a new annex to Macedonia, and who will resign because the dysfunctional treaty vetoed our path to the EU instead of a date.”

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