Vacation vouchers for low-income employees in 2021 as well


The state will continue to award holiday vouchers to low-income workers in domestic tourist facilities in 2021, said Minister of Economy Kreshnik Bekteshi on Monday.

According to Bekteshi, the assistance will amount to 12,000 denars per applicant, and the public call will be announced in the first half of the year. Vouchers will be awarded on a “first come, first served” basis.

We continue with the measure organized vacation of low-income workers whose monthly income per family does not exceed the net amount of 30,000 denars. The effects of the vouchers last year, during the pandemic, gave results, especially for the domestic tourist facilities,” said Bekteshi and added that last year over 65,000 vouchers were used.

A total of 15 million denars are provided for this measure in 2021.


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