Fetai withdraws charges against Sami Luta in “Monster case”, three charged with terrorism, two with aiding and abetting


Prosecutor Fatime Fetai in her closing arguments on the “Monster” case, in addition to rejecting the speculations that had been circulating in the public for years about the five murders, also revealed the anomalies from the previous trial for the case, i.e. refuted some of the evidence submitted by the prosecution, and the then judicial council accepted them.

She emphasized that it has not been determined which of the perpetrators fired which weapon.

“It is a fact that the fivefold murder was committed with three firearms, but it has not been determined which of the perpetrators fired what weapon and whether anyone did not shoot, but only kept guard. It is disputable that the prosecution and the court accept this as a proven fact,” said Prosecutor Fetai.

She explained that the prosecution, which had previously acted, concluded that Alil Demiri fired a gun according to a conversation obtained through special investigative measures.

Fetai referred to the statements made by one of the defendants, Haki Aziri, during the investigation, according to which he was supposed to become a protected witness, but he later changed his mind and became a defendant.

Alil Demiri accused Afrim Ismailovic and Agim Ismailovic of committing the five murders, i.e. the act of terrorism, and Haki Aziri accused them of helping them. Fejzi Aziri is accused of helping the perpetrators escape.

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