Nikoloski: We are three MPs away from having a majority to overthrow the government


“We are three MPs away from having a majority to overthrow the government, I don’t think it is impossible for that to happen, let’s wait,” VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski told Sitel TV.

Nikoloski commented on the current situation with the census and the quorum of the parliament sessions.

“The census is a very important operation, and the government wants to start a political census. We gave a chance to jointly harmonize the text, no amendment was adopted. We expect Pendarovski not to sign the law, if that does not happen, VMRO-DPMNE will immediately submit an initiative to the Ministry of Justice to collect signatures, the minimum number is 10 thousand, but I think there will be much more,” said Nikoloski.

“I think it is possible to secure a majority, we need three MPs. I stand by what I have said about the overthrow of this government, and it is a government for national salvation, it did not pass and now we have to overthrow it because they do not have the capacity for anything. The best proof that the majority is hanging on to them is that they cannot gather a quorum to hold a session. For two months now, there has been an interpellation for Nikola Dimitrov and it is not on the agenda. The coordinator of SDSM said that if it were put on the agenda SDSM will not participate in the debate, which means they are afraid that someone might vote for Dimitrov not to be Deputy Prime Minister,” said Nikoloski.


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