Poll: Citizens do not trust institutions to conduct a fair and objective census


The Institute for Strategies, Research and  conducted its own public opinion poll on targeted current issues.

The survey was conducted by telephone in the period between 11.01.2021 – 15.01.2021 and 1,119 respondents, taking into account the demographic structure and ethnicity.

The analysis covers all electoral districts. The marginal error is 1.5%, give or take.

The client and implementer of the survey is the team of the SIA VISTA Institute, the results are used for the needs of the analysis of the institute.

The poll showed that 59.2 percent of the citizens “do not think that the state institutions have the capacity needed to conduct a fair and objective census”. Only 35.5 percent think the Government is capable of doing this. About 3.7 percent of the respondents refused to give an answer, while 1.6 percent said that they don’t know whether the institutions will be able to conduct a fair and objective census.

  1. Do you think that state institutions have the capacity to conduct a fair and objective census?


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