Taravari: Census methodology is unclear, as the majority of mayors represent party views


Gostivar Mayor and top official of the Alliance of Albanians Arben Taravari doesn’t believe a census will actually take place this year. He finds the census methodology unclear and he will not participate in the debates, because, as he says, the majority of mayors represent party views.

Taravari expressed his suspicion that there will be no census this year in response to a journalist question whether he received an invitation to participate in the announced debates. Asked what the suspicion is based on, he pointed out that the deadlines are short to meet the conditions, and the methodology is unclear.

“There should be a census, I have said that many times and I stand by that position. However, we have more remarks on the methodology. I cannot understand the director of the State Statistical Office who says different things on several occasions. For these reasons, I have personal dilemmas that the census will take place this year. It’s almost February, the census is in April, and preparations haven’t started yet,” Taravari said.

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