Ruling SDSM assures that the census provides safe and predictable development of the country


The census that will be held in the spring will provide complete, accurate and relevant data, as a basis for building strategies and policies for further development of the country, economy and society, for safe and predictable development of the country, says SDSM.

After almost two decades without a census in the country there is a lack of quality statistics not only for the total population, but also for the exact number of inhabitants in each region, municipality, and their characteristics.

“The census as an independent statistical operation will collect relevant geographical, demographic, economic, characteristics of people with disabilities, educational, ethnic-cultural, migration, religious characteristics of the population, households and citizens in the country. The census is in the hands of professional state institutions, such as the State Statistical Office and will be organized according to all international standards, according to a combined model, with a classic field census, but also using databases that the state has,” reads SDSM’s statement.

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