New borrowing of 500 million euros, no one knows exactly how much Macedonia owes


Opposition MP Ljupcho Prendzov stressed that the situation in Macedonia with government borrowing is alarming.

In an interview with Alfa TV’s morning show on Thursday, he pointed out that the country owes millions every day for various projects and reforms that are not implemented properly.

“Tomorrow, after a fast-track procedure of the Parliamentary Committee on Health, will be proposed for the country to borrow 500 million euros for the construction of a new clinical center. They say that because the material is not extensive, there should have been no debate about that. They have no contact with the everyday problems of the citizens. They had a finished project, tendered. This borrowing is a very serious matter. It will be a headache for generations and generations to come,” Prendzov said.

The MP pointed out that in the parliamentary agendas most of the materials are reports on borrowing or new borrowing.

“21.5 million euros are taken for primary education. You will think that they are taken for building schools, for equipping. Only 10 million euros are for real reconstruction and improvement of conditions. The rest of the money is for consulting services, telephones, transportation, and goes as education reforms. No reform that is done is done without borrowing. There is no end to how much we owe. Nobody knows how much we owe. No one is held accountable,” said the opposition lawmaker.

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