Slaveski: One cannot claim that the economy is restarting without the possibility of mass vaccination, it is confirmed by the daily growth of COVID-19


The claims of the Government that the Macedonian economy is in a phase of restart are not true, because Macedonia is far from mass vaccination of the population, which is one of the basic preconditions for safe work of workers, said Professor and VMRO-DPMNE Executive Committee member Trajko Slaveski in an interview with Sitel TV.

That this is so, Slaveski emphasized, confirms the trend of increasing the number of coronavirus cases that we have in recent days.

“The government says this is the last set of measures to support companies for workers’ wages. We see that the direction of movement of the pandemic development, last week does not go in that direction, so we can expect that in two or three months life can be normalized. In the previously designed set of economic measures, the citizens were literally bribed, these are rationally used borrowed money that we have to return with high interest rates in the future,” said Slaveski.

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