Trajanov: The decision of the LDP is correct – the other parties will be divided


MP and leader of the Democratic Union Pavle Trajanov, whose party is part of the SDSM  “We can” coalition thinks that the decision of the LDP, which is also part of the coalition, their MPs to act independently is correct and that other parties will slowly split from the coalitions, reports

“Acting independently in Parliament provides more procedural benefits. At the moment, the MPs are restricted in terms of the request for procedural address, for requesting a break in the sessions, or they are also restricted in terms of giving a reply to the speech of a member of parliament from the coalition. The independent action of the MPs from different parties does not necessarily mean the narrowing of the parliamentary majority. Such formal steps, as the LDP did, do not necessarily mean the fall of the government at some point, because it can happen in conditions of “whole” coalition if some major events occur,” said Trajanov.

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