For 72.8% of Macedonians, the name change “was not worth it”, two thirds want it back


The Market Vision Agency conducted a survey for between February 10 and 16 on 1,200 respondents. It is concluded that many Macedonian citizens believe that the change of the name of the Republic of Macedonia for NATO membership was not worth it. From the obtained results, as much as 72.8% of the Macedonians are behind that attitude.

Macedonians to the question “Do you think we should return the name at the cost of”: Losing the NATO membership or losing the opportunity for EU membership, 63.5 percent answered “at the cost of losing NATO membership” and 65.3 percent responded “losing the opportunity for EU membership”.

According to all the obtained results and final conclusions, the Macedonians are not satisfied with the outcome of the name change, and they would return it at any cost.

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