(VIDEO) The census website has already been hacked?!


An IT expert in Macedonia informed on Facebook that she managed to register from her home in Macedonia, so that instead of with an IP address from Macedonia, she registered with a VPN with an address from Serbia.

“I left my Macedonian number and without any problem I was registered and I filled in the questionnaire. No address data is required from the country where I am staying, and the reason for staying had several options, the last of which was “other”. I was surprised that in the questionnaire when I filled in the address in Macedonia, only the name of the street was mandatory, but not the number, entrance, apartment, etc.” the user posted on the Federal Committee of IT experts in Macedonia Facebook group.

“Will they now that they have my ID number, but not the complete address, skip me, i.e. not count me twice, once digitally and once in the questionnaires that I guess printed on paper will be carried by the people who will count us,” wrote the user.

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