Rexhepi: Government does not trust its majority and is afraid of what the opposition would present in the debate


Coordinator of the parliamentary group of the Alliance of Albanians and Alternative Skender Rexhepi said on Thursday that the government had shown two things the day before: first, that it did not trust its majority and that it was afraid of what the opposition would say in the no-confidence debate of the government.

“For that reason, we conclude that the Government yesterday brought all MPs forcibly. It is unfortunate that MPs who had a very difficult situation at home, to bring them to the Assembly, which has neither logic nor basic human values. On the other hand, he used the article from the Rules of Procedure to abuse the right of the opposition to give its opinion on the shortcomings of the Government during these six months,” Rexhepi said.

According to Rexhepi, the very fact that yesterday the majority ended seven sessions is sufficient proof that they were forcibly brought the MPs, and they will start fighting again today.



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