Head of Transparency International assesses that the Government does not give an answer to the Secretary General’s case


Transparency International head Slagjana Taseva commented Thursday on the scandalous case occurred due to the procurement of software for traffic violations and pointed out that the statement issued by the Government regarding this whole case is a very bad attempt to explain this whole situation.

“We should not interpret that statement at all, it was a bad attempt to explain or justify the whole situation and it is not appropriate at all and does not give an answer. It is simply trying to dispel the dilemma that something has been done here outside the laws of this country. Many things are missing here, i.e. where does the need for the procurement of such software come from, who makes such a decision in the country, was there any previous activity for that to introduce this type of traffic monitoring and who should make such a decision, is it “The government is the one that should conduct such a tender,” said Taseva.

In connection with this whole case, she asked the public prosecutors to do their job and not to become accomplices and concealers in the whole case.

“I again urge the public prosecutors to do their job, and not to become accomplices, concealers, i.e. allow this type of dilemma to be repeated in this way, and it all ends with a position from the Government that there is nothing disputable here, but that someone else should say it,” Taseva added.

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