Preschools remain open, even though there are 19 newly infected children and 55 employees in one week


The COVID-19 situation in the preschools is stable and they remain open. However, the situation is being closely monitored, and new measures could be taken in line with developments in the epidemiological situation, Minister of Labor and Social Policy JagodaShahpaska said Friday.

She added that the number of preschool employees and preschoolers who have tested positive for the coronavirus is being reviewed on a weekly basis.

“According to Friday’s report, for the past seven days, there are additional 55 preschool employees and 19 preschoolers who have tested positive for the coronavirus. The situation is under control and is closely monitored.

“The children’s health and the health of the employees is our top priority. Consistent adherence to protocols keeps the situation under control. However, we’re closely monitoring the epidemiological situation, and joint decisions will be made accordingly in the interest of the citizens,” Shahpaska told reporters.

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